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    What is the problem with the production process for large diameter seamless pipes?

    We all know that in the process of any product production, because of the technical deviation caused by a series of bad effects, just as large diameter seamless hair sickle bending and wave bending, are in the manufacturing process problems The Then the following we come to understand the large diameter seamless pipe sickle and the formation of the reasons for the formation of waves.
    Due to the direction along the length of the steel in the horizontal plane to the side of the phenomenon of bending, or crescent bends; is the strip rolling along the width of the direction of the uneven deformation caused by both sides. Sickle bend in the production easily lead to welding, forming even when the flip. Large diameter seamless tube wave bending
    Is the phenomenon that the edge portion of the strip is repeatedly bent in the longitudinal direction; it is caused by uneven deformation of the center portion and the edge portion in the width direction during strip rolling. Wave bending in the molding of welding will cause serious welding, can not be produced, which is not allowed to appear.
    Therefore, in the production process of large diameter seamless pipe, we must pay special attention to try not to make any mistakes, so as to reduce the impact of large diameter seamless tube.