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Bending angle of large diameter thick - walled steel pipe

The bending angle is 90 ° and the bending radius is 8 times the outer diameter. The test shall be filled with no filler, and the specimen shall be placed in

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The Reasons and Measures of Uneven Thickness of Thick - wall Steel

Thick steel pipe uneven is mainly reflected in the spiral wall uneven, linear wall thickness uneven and head and tail wall thickness thick, thin and so on
The c

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What is the problem with the production process for large diameter seamless pipes?

We all know that in the process of any product production, because of the technical deviation caused by a series of bad effects, just as large diameter seamless

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Detailed description of large diameter hot - rolled seamless pipe

Large diameter hot-rolled seamless pipe, including: seamless steel pipe and welded pipe, straight seam welded pipe, seamless tube, thermal expansion seamless pi

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