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    Detailed description of large diameter hot - rolled seamless pipe

    Large diameter hot-rolled seamless pipe, including: seamless steel pipe and welded pipe, straight seam welded pipe, seamless tube, thermal expansion seamless pipe, high pressure boiler tube.
    Large diameter hot rolled seamless pipe (kg / m) Density calculation: W = 0.02466 × S (D - S) (D = outer diameter, S = wall thickness), ordinary steel density: 7.85g / cm3
    Diameter of 60 mm wall thickness of 4mm hot-rolled seamless steel pipe, per m weight. Weight per m = 0.02466 × 4 × (60 -4) = 5.52 kg
    Large diameter hot-rolled seamless pipe in addition to water, gas, oil and other general low-pressure fluid pipeline, but also for the oil industry, especially offshore oil wells, oil pipelines, chemical coking equipment, oil heater, condensing cooling Pipe, coal waste detergent oil pipe, as well as the bridge piers, mine tunnel support pipe and so on. It can be seen that the use of large diameter hot-rolled seamless pipe galvanized pipe is very wide.